How To Make a Smoothie

1)Add a fruit.

-choose whatever kind of fruit you like better. Add in as many different fruits as you would like to have. You can choose to include vegetables in your smoothie.

2)Choose a base

-This could be any liquid ranging from water to milk to juice of your choice.

3)Thicken up

-To get the right consistency and creaminess, thicken your smoothie using either yogurt, oats, ice cubes, ice-cream, or any other thickening substance.

4)Flavor it

-boost flavor with sweeteners, spices, fruits and herbs.


Love y’all :))))



Sweet Tooth Remedy 101

Upgraded chocolate chip cake mix cookies recipe.


  • 1 package yellow mix cake mix
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 2 eggs


  • combine cake mix, chocolate chips, oil and eggs in a mixing bowl
  • using an ice cream scoop or using you hands, form ball sized balls of cookie dough and transfer to a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
  • bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.
  • enjoy.


Love y’all :))))


Top 2 Things To Do This Spring/Summer On a Budget Around Atlanta.


There is something about the wind brushing against one’s skin that is so soothing. But there is nothing that beats the feeling of accomplishment one gets after a long run or a hike up mountain. The feeling of success after all the sweat and hard work going up the mountain or running the trail. Within Atlanta, there are several mountains where one can go hiking for instance Stone mountain or Kennesaw mountain; or go to the many parks around each district. The parks are free and have playgrounds and benches with tables therefore every age group is catered for. As for, the mountains, one only pays for parking at the gate and that’s it. Pretty good isn’t it?


I know the pools are not open yet, but they will soon. A lot of neighborhoods have swimming pools accessible to those who live in them. Therefore, if you do not live in a neighborhood, you can always join a friend for a fun day at the pool. Or rather, you can got to the man-made beaches around Atlanta for instance Lake Acworth and deep your feet in the sand for a reasonable price. Preferably, there is the option of going to a water park for instance Wild Waters where one can pay a reasonable amount of money and enjoy the park all summer.

Love Lisa:)))

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Sun’s Out, tongues out!;))))

Spring is here which means it’s time soak our feet in the warm sandy beaches and enjoy the weather while it lasts. For many, it means cookouts. Grilled foods and plenty of ice cream. with this , comes family gatherings. Now, in almost every family there is that one annoying relative who cannot help but mind everybody else’s business. So I shall give you two tips on how to deal with such annoying relatives.

  1. ignore them-Whenever they come up to you wanting to know what they shouldn’t know, ignore them. They might get the memo that you probably do not want to share the information with them.
  2. tell them straight up– if the prior doesn’t work, tell them that you do not appreciate their nosiness. There is no way they can fail to get the hint from this. Coming clean is one of the easiest ways of dealing with any circumstances in life.

Love Lisa;))))

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What’s in my Bag?

March 12, 2019.

The temperatures are becoming warmer and y’all know what that means, it’s time to hit the beach:). So I decided to share with you what I would carry in my bag to the pool or the beach like I said in my last blog post. Let’s go!1)sunscreen- to protect you from those UV rays, it is important to have this in the bag.

  • 1)reading material- it may get a bit boring just sitting by the beach and watching the waves come and go so I like to spice it up by bringing a book with me to keep me entertained.
  • 2)towel- while sun bathing, I think it is more comfortable to lie one a towel as compared to lying on the sand. You might also like to dry off yourself after enjoying the cool ocean waters therefore a towel comes in handy.
  • 3)sunglasses- the sun might be a tard too bright therefore sunglasses would be nice to have; also, they bring a pop to your pictures and add on to the beach vibe.
  • 4)bug spray- we all know the one negative over the summer I bug infestation. therefore it would be mazing if you have bug spray at hand so that you can repel those bugs a the beach which might otherwise make your trip to the beach not as fun.
  • 5)snacks- although there might be snack bars at the beach, it would not hurt to carry some chips with you or a couple of other snacks you like.
  • 6)moisturizer- keep moisturized to avoid dry skin.

DISCLAIMER!!! Theses are just some of the things I like to bring to the beach. Everybody has their own preference and is free to bring whatever else they like with them. Enjoy the sun loves.

Love Lisa:)))))

The Grass is Getting Greener:))

March 5, 2019.

With spring approaching, there’s nothing more awaited for than spring break. So here are some of my suggestions on what to wear during the break:

1)for an elegant dress up dinner with friends.

sometimes the best thing is to keep it it classy, casual and low-key formal. Get this chic look by pairing up a cute blazer with a top of your choice and shorts(either jean shorts or shorts that match your blazer). pair this with some heels and a cute little purse and your ootd will be the talk of your friends circle for a while. 🙂

2)for a day at the beach

With the sun out and the cool ocean waters calling, a cute swim suit is the only way to go. You can decide to wear a one piece or a bikini, depending on your preference .Add a loose fitting T-shirt dress or cover up to spice up your look. Bright colors tend to pop up more as compared to dull colors but hey, that doesn’t mean you cannot rock the blacks and grays in your wardrobe. Pair this with some cute flip flop or sandals with and a cute beach bag and hit the sand.

Do y’all think I should do a whats in my beach bag ? We’ll see if I’ll do it in the next blog. Happy waiting :8

love y’all


wing touchdowns

With the super bowl only hours away, it will only be just if I share my wing recipe with you. :):):) So here it goes.


  • chicken wings
  • white vinegar
  • garlic powder
  • black pepper
  • paprika
  • salt
  • cayenne pepper
  • sesame seeds for garnishing 🙂


  • use the white vinegar to clean and kill bacteria off your wings.
  • using a napkin, dry your chicken wings.
  • mix all your spices up and sprinkle them over your chicken wings.
  • pre-heat the oven to a high of 350 degrees
  • when hot enough, put in your chicken and let it cook for at least 20 minutes.
  • pour bbq sauce in a container and gently toss your chicken wings in the sauce, ensuring they are well coated.
  • garnish with sesame seeds

Disclaimer!!! you can add in or substitute any other ingredients you like. Enjoy my simple game night chicken wing recipe…